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  • SAP ON AIR is one of the best in market in SAP EWM training in Bangalore. SAP has come up with EWM as its solution for handling complex warehouse process and manages complex movements. 
  • Our Trainer is a SAP Certified EWM consultant with a more than 12 years of experience and has delivered more than 10 implementation projects and specific to EWM has delivered 3 implementation projects. As a critical resource in a Team, Our Trainer has been visiting the warehouse sites and also worked in designing the warehouse solutions and warehouse layouts for many giant clients. The experience our Trainer has will sure be influenced in the training and will be discussing the real time cases every time during the sessions which sure will help the attendee to visualize the processes. 
  • SAP EWM solution is a sophisticated solution which has a ability to handle the complex warehouse solutions in Putaway and Picking process and has a full transparency in stock level. Typical Putaway and Picking processes are not completed in one step i.e. receiving and placing in the Final Bin. It has to undergo a series of activities before placing in the Final Bin such as Unloading, Repacking, Labelling etc. Mentioned process are handled in SAP EWM with the Process Oriented Storage Control(POSC). SAP EWM also has an ability to communicate with robotics in Automatic Warehouse solution by using an inbuilt solution called MFS. Likewise, there are many other inbuilt solutions which accelerate the SAP EWM to become a market leader in warehouse management solution.
  • Knowing all this, SAP ON AIR has its Trainer recruited the best in class for SAP EWM online training in Bangalore.
  • SAP ON AIR has designed unique training process for SAP EWM training in Bangalore. We call it as Digital visualization. Every process which is discussed in the class is explained with well-designed visualization which given an attendee the ability to visualize the process for himself and we get the implementation experience in training. SAP ON AIR has also included in SAP EWM Online Training in Bangalore, to discuss the Cutover activities of an implementation phase. 
  • Our service is unique because we believe in After Sales, meaning we always support you even after the course completion. The attendee can always contact the Trainer via EMAIL ever after training completion.
  • SAP EWM inbuilt many WM solutions and SAP ON AIR is the only SAP EWM online training in Bangalore which covers all the solutions and is included in our SAP EWM online course in Bangalore. 
  • SAP as market leader in Warehouse management solutions; it has developed the EWM module to reach the market standards and we SAP ON AIR is in very serious business to train the SAP EWM Module in Bangalore with high quality, delivering with live projects and with live examples.
  • SAP ON AIR is well equipped in providing the SAP EWM Online training and has come up with an economical price. 
  • Please find the recorded DEMO and also contact for live DEMO for fr

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