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SAP’s EWM offers an excellent solution for handling and managing complex warehouse processes and movements.

SAPONAIR is master in transforming the new Gen Training

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Best in class Trainer

Knowing all this, SAP ON AIR has recruited the best in class Trainer for SAP EWM online training. Live projects with examples and real life case studies are used to explain the topics.

Meet Your Trainer

Trainer Expertise

• The trainer is on a mission to help SAP professionals who are enthusiastic to build their carrier in SAP EWM.
• The trainer is a Certified EWM, and LSCM certified from XLRI (Jamshedpur).
• He has unique 12+ years of experience in SAP modules MM /WM/EWM/SD/LE and successfully delivered 7 implementations, 5 rollouts, 3 Upgrades, and a couple of support projects in the industries like manufacturing, retail, fashion, FMCG.
• Till now, he trained more than 250+ SAP professionals across the globe. He has more than 10+ years of experience in training.
• The trainer is currently working at client location for EWM Implementation.

Digital visualization

SAP ON AIR has designed a unique training process for SAP EWM Training. We call it as Digital visualization. Every process which is discussed in the class is explained with well-designed visualization, which gives an attendee the ability to visualize the process for himself and get the experience of implementation in training.(Not sure what this even means). SAP ON AIR has also included the discussion of the Cutover activities of the implementation phase in the SAP EWM Online Training.


Covers All Solutions

SAP EWM inbuilt many WM solutions. SAP ON AIR is the only SAP EWM online training which covers all the solutions and is included in our SAP EWM online course.

Our service

Our service is unique because we believe in After Sales, meaning we always support you even after the course completion. The attendee can always contact the Trainer via EMAIL ever after training completion.

Market Leader

SAP as the market leader in Warehouse management solutions. It has developed the EWM module to reach the market standards. SAP ON AIR is in serious business to train the attendees in SAP EWM Module in with high quality, delivering with live projects, and with live examples.

Our Training Approach For SAP EWM Online Training:

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• SAPONAIR is well equipped in providing the SAP EWM Online training with quality education.

• Please check out our  DEMO video.

•You can also contact us for a free live DEMO.

What you get from us

Training Process

Unique training process with Digital Visualization

Lifetime access to online videos

We provide our students to access videos of training for lifetime.


Lifetime counselling and guidance after completion of course

Resume Building

We help in building interview-winning resume/cv.

EWM Special Features

Storage Control(SC)

Process Oriented and Layout-Oriented Storage Control

Storage Control is used to replicate the complex putaway or stock removal process i.e. executing through multiple process steps (via Intermediate Bins). You can activate POSC for multiple process steps and LOSC for Layout restricted process in Warehouse.

Yard Management

Fully integrated with Yard Management supports

Yard is the area where we manage vehicles and Transportation Units(TU). With Yard Management solution, any movement within Yard can be tracked and the movements are executed via Warehouse Task(WTs)


Crossdocking is defined as stock handling strategy

Cross-Docking is “ Cross the Dock” basically the process where products received from the Supplier are directly routed to the customer i.e. directly from receiving area to shipping area without storing in the final bin. SAP EWM has full blown solution to manage Cross-Docking.

Labor Management

Labor Management integrated with EWM

Labor Management (LM) is used to manage and measure the performance of the labor in the warehouse. This solution will help to analyze the utilization of the resource and thus provide the information to the HR team which can help them to award the labor with perks.

Exception Handling

Exception Handling support to real time challenges

SAP EWM has come up with the Exception handling framework with which we can create the exception codes which can handle the exception situation in the real time ( Ex: Change of Bins, Change of HU). SAP EWM has more than 40 preconfigured exception codes which can fulfill almost all needs.


EWM Supporting different business scenarios of Kitting

Kitting is a process where different products but related to each other are grouped , packed and supplied as a single unit. Value Added Services(VAS) can also include in the process to capture and execute the customer specific packaging. Both Kit-To-Stock and Kit-To-Order can be handled with this solutions.

Quality Inspection Engine

Warehouse solutions is fully integrated with Quality management

Web-based application which can be used to manage quality management (WM)  processes(Ex: receiving from Supplier)  within warehouse. Sophisticated QM solution compatible to be integrated to any third party systems.

Dock Appointment Scheduling

New feature is fully integrated and used

DAS is used to plan the vehicle arrivals in the Warehouse more effectively. With the DAS, the carrier or Forwarding Agent  can book a slot for the Door and arrive at the appointed time.

What our students have to say

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