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SAP EWM(Extended Warehouse Management )

EWM(Extended Warehouse Management) is developed by SAP. It gives you the option of mapping your entire warehouse complex in detail in the system. Not only do you gain an overview of the entire quantity of material in the warehouse, but you can also always determine exactly where a certain material currently is in your warehouse complex. We can also control […]

Master Data

Master data refers to the fundamental information that underpins every transaction. Whatever your activity may be, whether it is producing, transferring stock, selling, buying, or doing a physical inventory, it requires certain master data to be maintained. As you have Master Data for customers, vendors, plants, and shipping points, this can also be accessed by the SCM. As part of […]

EWM Deployment Options

SAP EWM Deployment options are used for the planning process to determine which of your demands can be fulfilled by the existing supply. It is an optional planning service, therefore you do not have to use it. Meanwhile, if you run the deployment, you must run SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization to get the ATD data of the ship-from locations. […]


Introduction: We will be discussing the need of implementing and replacing the SAP WM vs  SAP EWM and also we will be reviewing the future scope of SAP WM and the advantages of SAP EWM over WM and other EWM advance specific processes. Roadmap As part of the strategic plan, SAP will not be supporting the current warehouse management solution […]