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SAP EWM Deployment options are used for the planning process to determine which of your demands can be fulfilled by the existing supply. It is an optional planning service, therefore you do not have to use it.

Meanwhile, if you run the deployment, you must run SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization to get the ATD data of the ship-from locations.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management is integrated with ERP to access transaction and master data. We can also use features like slotting, availability checks also require integration with CRM. 

Therefore it is considered as a separate application and shares the same server with the SCM applications. On the other, hand you can also run SAP EWM in its own SCM environment to get improved performance.

Business Suite SAP EWM system:

Business Suite SAP EWM system

EWM can be considered as deployed in an ERP server or as an application in the Supply Chain Management landscape.

SAP S/4 HANA EWM system:

SAP S/4 HANA EWM system

EWM Deployment options communication method:

SAP has provided the core functionality of the EWM solution in the SCM system in the digital core of the S/4 HANA system. This method of deployment is known as the embedded EWM solution.

SAP ERP and EWM are closely integrated with each other for the transfer of transaction and master data. There are two different ways of communication. 

EWM enables you to optimize the use of various storage bins efficiently. As a result, it can effectively store stock together from several plants in the same warehouse. 

Meanwhile using EWM, you can control and optimize various goods movement processes in the warehouse. There are multiple ways in which an EWM solution can be deployed to solve the complex warehouse requirements and challenges

Embedded EWM is a suitable model of deployment options for small and medium-sized businesses with small warehouses with low volume. Therefore, businesses can benefit from the simplified integration of embedded EWM to SAP S/4HANA business processes.

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