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EWM Warehouse Layout

This presentation provides the detailed discussion on:

Warehouse Layout(basically the High Rack, Low Rack, ID Point,PickPoint etc

The different roles of Storage Type

SAP ECC-EWM Integration

This recording gives you an insight on

  • Integration of the ECC with the EWM system. 
  • Detailed information on different ECC and EWM organizational elements without which the integration and flow of documents between the system is not possible.
  • Detailed information on Supply Chain Unit, Business Partner, ECC and EWM Warehouse connections etc.

SAP EWM Packaging Specification

This documents gives a detailed explanation on below topics:

• Inbound Delivery Type Integration

• Expected Goods Receipt Integration

• Packaging specification in Detail

EWM Two SLOC Concept

The video gives detailed information on 2-SLOC ROD and AFS concept


The presentation provides the detailed information on

- Pick-HU

- Shipping-HU

- Staging Area as Work Center

Bulk Process in EWM

This Presentation will provide detailed information on

- Bulk Storage in Warehouse

- Main Attributes of Bulk storage

- Controlling parameters in EWM

SAP EWM Production Integration

This video provides details on 

  • SAP EWM integration with Production process
  • Complete Production Process by explain all the follow on documents.
  • Difference between Process vs Production order
  • Steps for configuraiton ewm production integration sap ewm training videos sap ewm production integration ewm videos

EWM videos

SAP EWM Demo detailing on sophisticated features, Complex processes, Solution Highlights, Deployment options,  Organizational structure, Warehouse Layouts and its Terminologies.

SAP EWM Yard Management

This Video gives detailed information

  • Yard Management and its business concepts
  • Yard management Movements and configuraiton

SAP EWM Process Oriented Storage Control POSC

This video provides detailed information on

  •  POSC and LOSC concept 
  • Configuration of SAP EWM Process Oriented Storage Control
  • Complete process execution

SAP EWM Labor Management

This video provide detailed information on 

  • Labor Management Concepts
  • Configurations involved
  • Integration with other processes.


This video provides

  • SAP EWM Inbound Process execution
  • Details discussion on different documents during the process and process steps