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  • Includes Study Material

  • Training by Realtime SAP EWM Expert

  • Online virtual Classes divided into 32 Sessions for 16 weekends

  • Mentoring after course

Training Methodology:

Training methodology

SAP EWM Training Course Overview:

SAPONAIR Introduction
  • warehouse 2SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) is the most recent warehouse management system released by SAP.
  • It helps manage a selection of issues in warehouse management and materials management effortlessly.
  • Besides it enables enterprises to reinforce operations and optimize competitiveness.                              
SAPONAIR Integration with ECC-EWM
Integration with ECC-EWM


  • ECC & EWM Organizational Structure
  • Delivery Integration


SAPONAIR Master Data
Master Data

  • Material Master
  • Vendor/Customer Master
  • Packaging Specification
  • Resource Management
  • Queue Management
SAPONAIR Goods Receipt Process
Goods Receipt Process


Putaway process with inbound delivery(IBD), Expect Goods Receipt_EGR process(without IBD), Product/HU Warehouse Task,

Manual Entry, Fixed Storage Bin, General Storage, Additional to Existing stock, Empty Storage Bin, Near Fixed Bin, Pallet Storage, Bulk Storage

Capacity Checking Methods, Batch Management, Stock Specific U0M(SU0M), Warehouse Order Creation Rule(WOCR

SAPONAIR Goods Issue Process
Goods Issue Process


Picking process with sales order, Picking process with Pick HU

  • FIFO(First In First Out), FEFO(First Expiry First Out), LIFO(Last In Last Out), Stringent FIFO, Partial Quantity First, Stock Removal according to quantity, Shelf-Life Expiration Date(FEFO), Fixed Storage Bin
  • Pick Denial, Bin Denial With Exception Code, Wave Management
SAPONAIR Post Frame Work & Printing Configuration
Post Frame Work & Printing Configuration

Post framework

  • POST Processing Framework(PPF)
  • Delivery Note, HU Lable Printing
SAPONAIR Internal Movement & Reorganization
Internal Movement & Reorganization

Internal movement

  • Posting Changes
  • Stock Transfer
  • Adhoc Movements
  • Replenishment Process
  • Slotting & rearrangement
  • Physical Inventory Process
SAPONAIR Storage Control
Storage Control

Storage control

  • Process-Oriented Storage Control(POSC)
  • Layout Oriented Storage Control(LOSC)
SAPONAIR Cross Functional Process & RF Configuration
Crosss Functional Process & RF Configuration

RF Configuration

  • Production Integration(Full Configuration and Process)
  • Quality Integration(Full Configuration and Process
  • Full Configuration with Process Execution
SAPONAIR Special Process
Special Process

special process

  • Deconsolidation Process
  • Kitting Process
  • Labor Management
  • Yard Management
  • Transportation Unit Management
  • Serial Number Management
  • Cross-Docking Process