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We will be discussing the need of implementing and replacing the SAP WM vsĀ  SAP EWM and also we will be reviewing the future scope of SAP WM and the advantages of SAP EWM over WM and other EWM advance specific processes.


history of SAP
future of SAP

As part of the strategic plan, SAP will not be supporting the current warehouse management solution i.e. SAP WM and has recommended their clients to replace it with SAP EWM.

Why EWM now

As warehouse management is becoming a core competency and a strategic area where many of the companies use it to enhance their position in the competitive market. So, warehousing is undergoing unbelievable challenges that make warehouse operations excellence harder to achieve.

However, the technology also has to keep upgrading as per the customer needs and market challenges. Since the SAP WM is not in much competition with the current need, as a result, SAP has decided to build a new Warehouse Management Solution instead of enhancing SAP WM, therefore it would be the best option to introduce and build a new solution i.e. SAP EWM.

Difference between SAP WM vs SAP EWM:


Operational Complexity

Basic Processes
Complex Processes - Intermediate Process Steps


Small warehouses facilities
Medium & Large Warehouse facilities

Future Updates

No new features planned in future
Regular enhancements and introducing new fuctionalites

Storage Control

Not supported
1) Process-Oriented Storage Control (POSC) --> Multiple process steps supported for Inbound & Outbound processes 2) Layout-Oriented Storage Control(LOSC)


Not supported
Deconsolidation is a solution used when different products are to be putaway in different section when a mixed HU is received in the warehouse. SAP EWM supports these business cases

Physical Inventory

Not supported during Putaway
Possible during Putaway

Wave Management

Basic Wave Management --> Full delivery assigned to a wave
Advance Wave Management --> Wave assignment happens at delivery item level and single delivery can be assigned to multiple waves


Limited processes
1) Automatic Replenishment during picking is possible 2) Automatic triggering of physical inventory picking


Not Supported
Shipping HU optimization viz: --> Proposing the suitable pack material --> Minimize the empty spaces thus reducing the transportation cost.

Value-Added Services(VAS)

Limited processes
Kitting Supported

Native Technologies

RF Integration
--> MFS --> Pick-by-Voice

Shipping & Receiving

Limited processes
1) Fully integrated Yard Management 2) Transportation Unit can be used 3) Dock-Appointment Scheduling(DAS) supported 4) Carrier communication is improved

Slotting & Rearrangement

Not Supported
Slotting is all about determining the optimal stock location in the Warehouse and the solution is inbuilt in SAP EWM.

Labor Management

Not supported
Complex processes including Time Management and better work scheduling

Warehouse Order

Not Supported
Warehouse Order is a work package allocated to the operator which groups the warehouse tasks to optimize the warehouse operations

Exception Handling

Not supported
Real time exceptions (Ex: Change of bin or HU) can be configured by using existing framework without any custom development.